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Texas Church On A Mission to Help Haitian Coffee Farmers

Here’s a new take on making good coffee a mission. A church group in The Woodlands, Texas, has begun working with approximately 30 Haitian farmers to help cultivate new plants, revive old ones and produce quality coffee beans.

Woodlands Church helping Haitian coffee farmersAccording to a Woodlands Online report, Woodlands Church has been paying farmers in Haiti — whose livelihood has been threatened in the earthquake- and poverty-stricken nation — approximately three times what they might otherwise make for green coffee beans. The church has also helped transport and import the beans, so rural farmers aren’t getting swindled by whoever may have a vehicle that operates.

“When we teach them, it helps them for generations because we’re training them on how to train others as well,” church representative Steve Helm told Woodlands Online. “They’re in a closed economic system; there are no credit cards, no checking accounts, so this is like an infusion of economic strength for the community.”

According to the report, Woodlands Church is currently roasting the beans and then selling them through its bookstore, but the church hopes to create a distribution network that will include 100 churches.

The full story: Woodlands Online