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Former Olympic Skater at Cutting Edge of ‘White Coffee’

An Olympic figure skater turned entrepreneur is at the cutting edge of light roasting. Craig Buntin, a 31-year-old who was onced the fifth-ranked skater in Canada, has founded Teabean White Coffee, a company that offers “white coffee” drinks.

Teabean White Coffee infusion“It doesn’t taste like coffee, it’s somewhat nutty and quite sweet,” Buntin recently told the Montreal Gazette. “It’s coffee for people who need the caffeine but don’t like the taste of coffee.”

Teabean White Coffee uses beans that are baked dry at lower temperatures. The first product the company offered was the “teabean latte,” but Buntin more recently developed the “white coffee infusion” a drink made by steeping a teabag filled with a blend of ground white coffee and aromatic spices.

Over the past year, Buntin has been supplying the drinks systems to cafes in and around Montreal, but he recently forged a partnership with a tea distributor, and the “white coffee infusion” was designed to boost online sales. Fifteen infusion bags sell for $12.99.

“We’re seeing growth and consistency,” he told the paper. “But the most important thing to me right now is feedback and re-orders.”

The full story: Montreal Gazette