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Fresh Roasted Whole Bean Coffee Poised for Market Growth

Fresh roasted coffee is poised for the most growth for coffee retailers through 2015, according to a beverage industry expert who recently delivered the keynote at a leading trade show for the vending machine industry.

caffeine and auditory hallucinationsRoss Colbert, a global beverage strategist for Rabobank, told attendees of the National Automatic Merchandising Association CoffeeTea&Water Show in Las Vegas that fresh coffee — which currently only represents 10 percent of the coffee market — is leading charge for the growing premium coffee market, according to a report.

Colbert sourced research from Euromonitor showing that the retail value for freshly roasted coffee beans is expected to increase by 32 percent by from 2010 to 2015, outpacing growth estimates for regular coffee, fresh ground coffee and instant coffee, according to the report.

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