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Chicago Roaster Brings Passion to New Operation

Chicago’s Joshua Millman has two eight-month-olds: his daughter and his coffee company, Passion House Coffee Roasters.

Millman, who before opening his own coffee shop and roastery spent four-plus years at Evanston’s Casteel Coffee, recently discussed with the Chicagoist his journey from being a 16-year old part-time barista to a life spent trying to create the perfect beans.

Passion House Coffee chicago“I thought, I could either open a small cafe and use someone else’s coffee, or I could open a roaster and work on building the brand and then get the cafe open,” said Millman. “And I love roasting coffee. It thoroughly geeks me out, the whole roasting process. Finding coffee, the different styles of roasting, roasting and predicting.”

For Millman, opening an running a small business has been an adventure, to say the least.

“My roaster shipped to me in the big snowstorm last year, and it was stuck in New York for about two weeks,” Millman told the Chicagois. “It was totally nerve-wracking. I bought the roaster before I even had the space. I just didn’t quite figure out what I was going to do with it, I just knew I had to get it here. I knew once I got it here, things would take care of themselves.”

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