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Indiana City Developing Identity as a Coffee Destination

Serving the likes of Blue Bottle Coffee (Bay Area) and Metropolis Coffee (Chicago), several cafes in Carmel, Indiana, have helped create a thriving coffee community in the Indianapolis suburb.

“There is just a really great vibe for good coffee here,” Wes Kerlin, an independent coffee consultant who recently moved to Carmel, told the Indianapolis Star. “We’re seeing a lot of people taking their coffee seriously and local baristas taking their job seriously to make and serve a really great cup of coffee.”

The Star noted cafes including SoHo Cafe, Holy Cow Cupcake Shop, Hubbard & Cravens and Eggshell Bistro — which recently began serving Blue Bottle coffee — as leaders of Carmel’s specialty coffee renaissance.

“You don’t just sell Blue Bottle,” Kerlin told the paper. “You have to apply and be trained how to make it properly.”

Kerlin, who came to Carmel after working for Seattle’s Cafe D’Arte and serving in the Air Force, told the paper that he plans to establish an Indy Coffee Association, to provide meetings and support for the local coffee trade, and the group’s first meeting was scheduled for today.

“We have 80,000 people living in a relatively small area, pretty affluent with expendable income . . . and they know good coffee,” said Kerlin. “And we have such a positive business environment. We have so much room to grow.”

The full story: Indianapolis Star