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Teenager Finds Calling in Coffee Roasting

The head roaster and quality control director of the Dessert Oasis in downtown Rochester, Mich., has an interesting time conflict: high school.

According to a local Patch report, 16-year-old Nathan Hamood took an interest in coffee when his parents opened the cafe three years ago, and that interest quickly developed into a passion, as Hamood soon convinced his father to invest in a small coffee roaster.

“It was small, like a convection oven,” Hamood told the Patch. “Soon it had paid for itself and as demand grew for our roasted coffee, including wholesale accounts, we upgraded to a bigger and better roaster.”

Now, under Hamood’s watchful eye, the cafe roasts its own beans and typically carries as many as seven varieties of coffee at all times. Hamood told Patch reporter Laura Cassar that his current favorite is Finca Santa Ana from Guatemala.

“It’s a nice, complex kind of coffee with lots of facets. It has bright fruit tones and a caramel quality to it,” he said. “A hand-crafted coffee doesn’t need a ton of mild or flavored syrups to taste great. A good coffee speaks for itself.”

The full story: Rochester-Rochester Hills Patch