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Consumer Coffee Show CoffeeCon Highlights Brewing, Beans

Kevin Sinnott has always seen himself first as a coffee consumer. So when the coffee author and connoisseur and author would go to coffee trade shows, he always felt a large segment of the population was missing out on the fun.

Sinnott aimed to change that at CoffeeCon, a consumer-based coffee industry show, held Saturday, Feb. 25, in the Chicago suburb of Warrenville. Approximately 1,200 consumers came out to meet local and regional roasters, as well as some prominent home brewing equipment suppliers. The daylong show also featured educational sessions led by coffee industry voices, including George Howell, Jim Schulman, Oren Bloostein and Geoff Watts.

“I wanted to create a venue where everyone was on equal footing,” says Sinnott. “I wanted people to be able to taste coffee from a number of different roasters.”

Sinott and his crew made a concerted effort to promote brewing techniques and equipment, in addition to just roasted beans.

“I thought of the whole thing as like a wine tasting,” Sinnott says,”but I also wanted the critical aspect of brewing be a big part of it.”

CoffeeCon 2012 Photos