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Nosy Neighbor Calls Cops on Beloved Family Coffee Roaster

A beloved family-run coffee shop that has been roasting beans at its Brooklyn, N.Y., location since  1948 was recently tattled on by a neighbor who called 311 complaining about the smell of the roasting beans.

D'Amico coffee neighbor complains about roastingAccording to several reports, Frank D’Amico, who now helps run D’Amico Foods in the traditionally Italian-American neighborhood Carroll Gardens, wasn’t hurt by the complaint itself, but more by the changing nature of the community, which has become like a J Crew runway “with strollers,” as one resident recently described it to the Gothamist.

“It used to be people would come in and talk to the owners of stores if they had a problem,” D’Amico told the Gothamist. “Now people are too busy, they just call up 311 complain. They don’t realize the dynamic of what they set off when the call. If the person with the problem had just come in we would have worked with them to try not to roast as much, or to figure out what time the roasting was a problem. We could have dealt with it.”

D’Amico reportedly considered ceasing the roasting of the cafe’s signature espresso roast and house blend, but instead decided to address the issue by encouraging a meeting with the complaining neighbor. He taped the following message to the cafe’s front door:

To all our neighbors:For those of you who are new to the neighborhood, D’Amico’s has been in business since 1948. We have been roasting coffee almost as long.  We understand that not all people like the smell of roasting coffee. This is our business.  If you have concerns with our roasting schedule, please, we invite you to come and talk to us.  We hope we can work together to solve this issue.  Thank you.