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Bluebeard Coffee Roasters Moves Into REI Headquarters

Tacoma, Wash.-based Bluebeard Coffee Roasters is now offering its coffees inside the Kent, Wash. headquarters of outdoor sports gear giant REI. Here’s a brief description from Bluebeard’s always entertaining blog:

In our relentless drive for a sliver of market share, Bluebeard has wormed its way into REI’s very cool Kent headquarters. Housed in a beautiful light-filled Seattle-public-library feeling space, employees are offered fresh, healthily prepared and subsidized grub from a stellar Guckenheimer-run kitchen Monday through Friday. REI’s people are expected on hiking trails and ski slopes on the weekend.

And now, in addition to the Green Apron, REI is featuring two of our fine seasonal coffees — the OFT Colombia ANEI Cooperative and our El Salvador Finca el Retiro Borbon. We did a demo a few weeks back and are now into our third week of service. The feedback has been very nice and we are clearly excited and pleased with the opportunity. If the folks we encountered at our coffee sampling are an accurate representation, REI is every bit as neat a place to work as you might imagine.