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Brazil Coffee Demand Soon to Outpace United States

Coffee demand in Brazil, which has rebounded steadily in recent years to become the world’s sixth largest economy, may soon outpace demand in the United States, according to several sources in a Bloomberg Businessweek report.

Brazoil coffee flagOf course, Brazil has always been one of the top coffee producers in the world, but demand for premium beans has skyrocketed, as 53 million Brazilians have been pulled out of poverty in recent years. The economic growth has led to coffee consumption among even tribal people in some of Brazil’s most remote villages, sources said.

“Suddenly more Brazilians have access to good coffee,” Diogo Ribeiro da Luz, who runs Sao Paolo-based coffee roaster Cafes Bom Retiro Ltda. told Bloomberg. “Once you experience a good cup, it’s hard to go back to the old thing.”

According to the report, the number of coffee shops in Sao Paolo alone has doubled in the past 15 years to more than 25,000 and Starbucks, for one, has publicly stated an interest in expanding it’s interest in Brazil, where it currently operates some 26 retail locations.

The full story: Bloomberg Businessweek