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Utica, N.Y., Coffee Roaster Discusses Community-Minded Business Strategy

From the name of his roastery to the names of his blends, a Utica, N.Y. coffee roaster is committed to building a community connection. In a recent interview with the Utica Observer-Dispatch, Frank Elias, owner of the Utica Coffee Roasting Company, discussed his community-minded strategy:

The people that live here really do feel positively about Utica and what it was like to grow up here. I felt that if I could develop a brand that identifies with that (positive connection), that it would not only be a good business model, but it could help revive the area.

Elias also discussed his three available blends, the Utica Buzz, the Adirondack Blend and Adirondack Blueberry blends. Said Elias:

We’ve had Buzz for awhile. It’s an ultra-caffeinated coffee. It’s popular with the younger generations — the college kids or the ones who would drink Monster and Red Bull. The Adirondack Blend has a citrus tone and the Adirondack Blueberry has a blueberry flavor that really pops when you add sugar.

The full story: Utica Observer-Dispatch