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New Guinea Conservation Partnership Results in Good Habitat, Coffee

Caffe Vita Coffee supports kangaroo habitatThrough a unique partnership with the Woodland Park Zoo’s Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program (TKCP), Seattle’s Caffe Vita has begun selling coffee from the Yopno Uruwa Som (YUS) Conservation Area in Papua New Guinea.

The limited harvest was grown under native shade at elevations ranging from 1200-1500 meters by farmers who have committed to conserving 180,000 acres for the preservation of the endangered Matschie’s tree kangaroo.

TKCP originally approached Caffe Vita with the idea for the partnership three years ago, and the roastery and cafe has helped with workshops and cultivation. The conservation program has even gotten press from National Geographic.

Caffe Vita describes the coffee as mellow and honey-like, with flavors of toasted hazelnut, orange zest, guava, and sugarcane.