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Large Roasters Meet to Discuss Coffee Trade, Quality

Supplies of handpicked beans is expected to be a major discussion point at this year’s National Coffee Association conference, beginning this Thursday in Charleston, S.C.

World coffee prices going downRepresentatives from large roasters including Starbucks, Maxwell House, Kraft Foods and J.M. Smucker will be joining growers’ representatives, trade houses and banks at the annual meeting.

According to a recent Wall Street Jounal report, several speakers plan to address global coffee supply, after record high prices due to increased demand and some torrential downpours in some top growing countries, such as Colombia, let many of the large coffee roasters to use low-quality Brazilian robusta beans as filler.

But some industry analysts think the record-high arabica production in Brazil this year could help reduce the use of robusta among the larger roasting companies.

“I think it’s going to help a lot of roasters,” John Coyne, a trader at importer Royal Coffee New York Inc., told the Wall Street Journal. “They might have a little more cash to spend [on better quality beans].”

The full story: Wall Street Journal