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SCAA Announces 2012 Sustainability Award Winner

The Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) has announced it will be presenting its 2012 Sustainability Award to a project  called “Responding to Climate Change: Building Community-Based Reliance,” involving Dukunde Kawa Cooperative, Fort Bragg, Calif.-based Thanksgiving Coffee Company, and multiple other sustainability-minded organizations.

SCAA sustainability council awardAlexandra Katona-Carroll, of the SCAA Sustainability Council, stated, “ ‘Responding to Climate Change’ has a full project scope, long-term goals and great potential for replication in coffee producing areas. The Sustainability Council is impressed with the project’s current metrics and is excited to see how this can help shape and prepare producers for climate change from a bottom up approach.”

The focuses on sustaining the production of high quality coffee in the face of climate change. It pilots a set of proactive interventions that faces the reality that some degree of climate change is inevitable, that disruption of supply is likely, that decreases in quality are expected, and that on-the-ground defenses need to be built to protect specialty coffee production.

The central goal of this project is the introduction of practices that increase the resilience and adaptive capacity of the 1,818 farms of the Dukunde Kawa Cooperative. Specifically, project creates targeted defenses against the expected increases in temperature, pests, irregularity in rain and drought, shortened ripening and quality loss, and the resulting loss of specialty coffee.

Initiatives include shade intercropping, erosion control, and watershed conservation, in response to site-specific climate change risk assessments, thereby creating targeted defenses against these new threats to production.

The Sustainability Council of the SCAA has been presenting the award annually since 2003.

For more about this project, visit The 24th Annual SCAA Event and Symposium is scheduled for April 18-19 in Portland, Ore.