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Caffe Vita Owner Combines Coffee and Pizza In Manhattan

Seattle’s Caffe Vita founder Michael McConnell and his fiance and business partner, Elizabeth Weber, have opened a side-by-side pizza restaurant and cafe on Manhattan’s Lower East side.

The restaurant, Via Tribulani, and the cafe, Caffe Vitta, represent a natural pairing for the New York audience, Weber recently told the New York Daily News. “We happen to know the two things that New Yorkers love, pizza and coffee,” she said. “Seems like there can’t ever be too much of it.”

McConnell opened Caffe Vita in 1995 and opened his first pizza restaurant in Seattle in 2004. Via Tribulani features an open-faced, handmade brick oven and the cafe next door utilizes restored 1970s La Marcozzo espresso machines.

“I’m big on quality, and there are no shortcuts when it comes to that,” McConnell told the paper. “You cannot possibly make the best product if you aren’t using the best ingredients.”

The full story: New York Daily News