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Baristas Coffee Company to Enter the Ice Cream Market

Baristas Coffee Company to Introduce Ice Cream

Photo: Baristas Coffee Company

Seattle-based Baristas Coffee Company has signed a product development and distribution agreement with New York-based Calip Dairies, which will help introduce Baristas’ newly branded ice cream line.

Baristas Coffee Company, which hires attractive young females to staff it drive-through locations, has been aggressively expanding throughout the United States, and the company now plans to sell for ice cream varieties in pint containers. The ice cream is expected to be available to consumers this summer.

Calip, which owns the exclusive rights to sell Nestle products, sells frozen food products to 6,000 locations nationwide, and the company will make Baristas’ ice cream available in New York-area supermarkets.

“We are very excited to launch the Baristas branded ice cream line into such a large market like New York City. We believe that our unique brand and flavors will be well received in the marketplace.” said Baristas CEO Barry Henthorn. “The Company plans to commit additional capital toward a marketing budget to fully support this launch. We are also very pleased to be working with a world-class distribution company to assist us in both the launch and the building of our brand.”


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