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Barista Guild Brings Camp-Pull-A-Shot to the East Coast

camp-pull-a-shot expands to east coastAfter consecutive years of selling out Camp-Pull-A-Shot, the Barista Guild of America has expanded the popular program to the East Coast. Camp-Pull-A-Shot east will take place June 4-7 at the Mountain Lake Conservancy in Pembroke, Va.

Camp-Pull-A-Shot West, which has become a popular event for high-level barista training and networking, is scheduled for October 2012 at El Capitan Canyon in Santa Barbara, Calif.

Here’s some info from the BGA about the east coast event:

Date:  June 4-7 2012

Location: Mountain Lake Conservancy
115 Hotel Circle
Pembroke, VA 24136

What can you accomplish by attending Camp-Pull-A-Shot?

  • BGA Certification through Level 1 & 2 course work and exams
  • Develop exceptional customer service skills and learn how to create loyal repeat customers
  • Work alongside some of the most skilled baristas in the business & develop industry relationships
  • Train with the best coffees, espressos and equipment in the industry
  • Learn from highly knowledgeable presenters on key coffee topics; be a part of roundtable discussions on wide reaching industry issues and trends.
  • Challenge yourself through Camp activities and competitions
  • Develop lifelong friendships


What kind of equipment and coffee will I have access to?

Imagine working with some of the best equipment and coffees in the world. Both East and West Coast Camp Pull-A-Shot will provide baristas of any skill level a forum to explore new equipment, coffee, and ideas. The presence of multiple espresso machines, brewing methods, and coffee from a collection of well respected roasters is the ideal environment for any barista hungry to broaden their horizons in coffee.

What do the educational programs offer?

Whether you are just starting out or well into your BGA certification course work, Camp-Pull-A-Shot will offer you the opportunity to continue on your path towards Level 1 or Level 2 certification. The Level 1 test will be presented at the beginning of camp, so for any Barista who took classes either at the 2011 CPAS or at the SCAA Exposition, the chance to complete your first level certification will be offered followed by Level 2 course work. If you’re just beginning your studies, we also have an array of Level 1 courses available to help you progress. Professional certification is at the core of any successful career advancement-if you are serious about developing a career in the coffee industry, this event is the ideal way to connect with other experienced baristas and grow as a professional.


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