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Austin Cold Coffee Maker Discusses Grocery-Shelf-Stable Brew

kohana coffee sold at whole foodsPiper Jones of Austin, Texas-based Kohana Coffee recently sat down with austinist do discuss the coffee roaster’s bottled cold brew, which has made its way to the shelves of Whole Foods, also based in Austin.

Jones discusses the process of developing a product that could live on the grocery store shelf without the use of unnatural preservatives.

After our initial press release last year when Whole Foods accepted our Cold Brew as a new item we were approached by many. We came in contact with a group with a patented technology that offered a way to potentially process a shelf stable product. We were amazed that after a year of working together we came to a place that met our incredibly high quality standards. It’s the same ingredient list – organic coffee and filtered water!

As for the cold brew’s flavor, Jones says:

Our cup notes on the cold brew are: spicy, floral, sweet and chocolate. What we look for in a coffee bean is a translation in the cold brew process that holds true to the origin flavor or even surpasses it. The inherent characteristic of a good cold brew is velvety smoothness, and the sweet, chocolate notes as a finish are an added bonus.

The full story: austinist


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