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Counter Culture Launches ‘Save Our Soil’ Campaign

Durham, N.C.-based Counter Culture Coffee has launched a new awareness campaign designed to promote organic agriculture. The Save Our Soil campaign aims to reverse a trend in agriculture that threatens coffee quality and sustainability, while also raising awareness of the widespread degradation of soil health brought about by conventional chemical-based agriculture.

Counter Culture Launches Save Our Soil CampaignTo launch the program, Counter Culture is hosting events — including cuppings of organically grown coffees — at its training centers in Asheville, N.C., Atlanta, Chicago, Durham, New York and Washington D.C. on Friday, April 20.

The company plans to hold a variety of Save Our Soil events — including organic food and coffee pairings, home composting workshops, and organic farming roundtable workshops — with the help of a range of participating farmers and organizations.

“The quick bursts of production afforded by conventional, chemical-based farming are ultimately unsustainable. In fact, chemical-dependent agriculture is destroying soil health, leaving farms with increasingly barren earth,” said Counter Culture Director of Coffee and co-owner Peter Giuliano. “Extraordinary coffee, which we are passionately dedicated to protecting, needs rich, healthy soil to thrive. When soils suffer, great coffee, and beyond that, great food, is impossible.”

The 18-month program is going to be held in three phases, and Phase 1 focuses on building the connections between organic agriculture and sustainable quality in food and coffee.

Here’s an informational Q&A from Counter Culture about the program.


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