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Marley Coffee Latest to Launch Self-Service Vending Kiosks

Marley Coffee has announced plans to develop branded, self-service coffee vending kiosks for locations such as college campuses, retail locations, theaters, hotels and other high-traffic areas.

Marley Introduces Self-Service vending machinesThe coffee company has signed an agreement with vending machine developer AVT, Inc. The move comes two months after Seattle’s Best announced that it had reached an agreement with Coinstar Inc., the developer of Redbox movie vending kiosks, to create branded coffee kiosks.

The Marley machines will feature touchscreen technology, and users will be able to select coffee drinks ranging from black coffee to espresso drinks such as lattes. Some of the machines may include the capability to sell other Marley-branded products, such as T-shirts and headphones.

“I work with some of the biggest retailers in the world, and for a few months now, they’ve all been asking for a coffee solution,” said Shannon Illingworth, Founder and CEO of AVT, Inc. “I’ve seen Rohan Marley and his team at shows, and I’ve been following Marley Coffee for a bit of time. I knew their brand and our technology would be a perfect match for those retailers.”


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