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Manhattan ‘Javabot’ Company Opening Detroit Coffee Shop

A New York coffee roastery and cafe with a proprietary “Javabot” system is opening its third location, in Detroit.

Roasting Plant plans to open a coffee shop in downtown Detroit’s First National building, offering customers a selection of 11 coffees from around the world. The Detroit News has reported that the shop may open in the fall.

“We are very excited to introduce the Roasting Plant experience to other parts of the country, so we jumped at the chance to open our first non-New York shop in the heart of resurging downtown Detroit,” Roasting Plant spokesperson Elizabeth Rose told the Detroit News.

Roasting Plant currently has two Manhattan locations, and the company boasts of a pneumatic tube system that automatically supplies green beans to its roasting units, and then transfers the roasted beans to brewing machines.

The system of clear tubes provides visual interest to customers, who can order single-origin coffees or blend them to their own tastes.

Here’s an explanation of the Javabot: 


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