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Home Roasting Unit Supports New York Political Group

A 30-year-old man in rural Berne, N.Y., has started a home-based coffee roasting business to help fund a campaign finance reform group he has helped organize for years.

Matthew Berne discusses politicsFor every bag of Democracy Coffee that Matthew Edge sells — at $13 per pound — a dollar goes to the Occupy Democracy Project, a subgroup of Occupy Albany that advocates for campaign finance reform and helping candidates without funding and clean elections, according to an Albany Times Union report.

In 2006, Berne fashioned a roaster out of a grill and rotisserie, and he now sells blends such with names like Wake up Wall Street, Clean Bean Peace Machine, Democracy Joe, Occupy Your Cup — all composed of only fair trade beans.

“I can combine both of these things I feel really passionate about. I can use fair trade products to buy more products from worker-owned cooperatives, help sell them in the United States as a fundraiser and then use the profits from that to raise money for campaign finance reform and clean elections,” Edge told the paper.

The full story: Times Union


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