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Coffee Beanery Signs Product Placement Deal

Flushing, Mich.-based Coffee Beanery, which operates retail coffee shops in 25 states, has signed a contract with a Los Angeles-based public relations agency for product placement in television shows and movies.

Coffee beanery signs product placement contractHollywood Branded Inc. will also provide the coffee company with services such as promotional campaign design. The agency currently implements campaigns for such global brands as BlackBerry and Gigaset Communications, Inc. amongst other North American based brands.

“Coffee Beanery has a long and proven history of providing superior and high quality coffee products that was established well before other specialty coffee brands,” said Stacy Jones, President, Hollywood Branded Inc. “Our commitment is to provide innovative solutions across a multitude of entertainment platforms to assist Coffee Beanery in achieving both broader consumer awareness on a global scale as well as increasing engagement at retail locations.”

Coffee Beanery first opened its doors 30 years ago in 1976. There are currently more than 100 stores based throughout the U.S. with 20 stores based internationally.


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