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Ethiopian Cafe Owner Teaches Traditional Sidamo Brewing

pan roasted sidamo beans at sidamo coffee and teaRarely do you see a coffee shop devoted to one country, let alone one region, but Sidamo Coffee & Tea in the Baltimore suburb of Fulton seems to be doing just that.

Owner Kenfe Bellay, a native Ethiopian, has been hosting traditional “coffee ceremonies” at the coffee shop each Sunday.

“You don’t drink coffee just to drink coffee,” Bellay, who also runs a Washington D.C. coffee shop, recently told “It has a social aspect. Normally you don’t drink it by yourself. You’re in the village drinking with neighbors.”

In a traditional Ethiopian preparation, Bellay pan roasts, hand grinds and then boils the Sidamo coffee. “It’s all in the way it’s prepared,” he told the news source. “You roast it, smash it and boil it to get the whole flavor of the coffee.”

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