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Sacramento Cooperative Serves as Coffee CSA Storefront

A new Sacramento, Calif., coffee company is hoping to survive using a simple but appealing business model — selling beans as a community supported agriculture (known as CSA) storefront.

With no cafe or in-house roasting, Pacha Coffee, located in Midtown Alley, boasts of selling 100 percent farmer owned coop coffee Pachamana“farmer-owned” beans to its customers. According to numerous reports, the cooperative business sells the beans, which are roasted in nearby Fort Bragg, and returns the profits to the coffee farms from which they came.

Sacramento Bee food writer Blair Anthony Robertson suggests the coffee coop is the latest in a series of community-minded coffee businesses that have served to revitalize Sacramento’s specialty coffee scene:

As we have reported in weeks past, Sacramento has come of age as a coffee town – Insight, Temple, Chocolate Fish, Old Soul, Naked Lounge and Broadacre have raised the bar for quality coffee and made us expect excellence when we go out for coffee. The high standards have a ripple effect. I’ve noticed Java City has upped its game. And Starbucks and Peet’s are trying to create a look and feel that is more like the independent shops (though the Starbucks near our house still doesn’t carry demitasse cups and serves espresso only in a paper cup).


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