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Former Pilot Launches Coffee Brand to Promote U.K. Christian Music

FosterHobbs Coffee promotes Christian MusicA former American Airlines pilot and North Carolina native who during layovers developed an affinity for British culture has launched a coffee roasting business to help promote modern Christian music in the UK.

Mike Foster launched FosterHobbs Coffee two months ago, offering roast-to-order service with a range of arabica coffees. Proceeds from the coffee operation are being used to fund a nonprofit Foster runs called Fill the Gap Concerts, which promotes live and recorded music in the UK.

Foster says he retired from American Airlines because he realized he would need more funding to help create combined worship and music venues. On the company’s website, Foster explains:

Sensing the Lord had other plans for me, I left the highly coveted captain seat at American Airlines which meant that I had to seriously seek God’s wisdom how to fund this initiative.  Looking back it is easy to see that He has been preparing me for this journey from the very beginning.

After all the many layovers researching coffee and cafes I thought that I would someday have a coffee shop of my own.  Happily, God’s plan was for me to be on the roasting side of the business.


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