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Australian Coffee Farmers Hope Big Crop Drives Premium Exports

Skybury Tropical Coffee PlantationAustralian coffee farmers are hoping a bumper crop this year will help drive interest in the country’s beans, especially in emerging markets such as China.

Mark MacLaughlin, farm manager of Australia’s Skybury Tropical Coffee Plantation, recently told the Australian Broadcast Corporation that the coffee grown in the high-altitude regions near Queensland have been quietly producing some of the world’s best coffee in recent years.

“We do produce some of the finest coffee grown in the world. The care, attention, the growing climate and conditions are very favourable, particularly in Mareeba and the Tablelands region is perfect altitude and everything else to produce fantastic coffee,” he said in a a radio interview with the ABC. “But because we produce such a high quality coffee, we sell at about 10 times the world coffee market price. Any new interest is great. And all of the time we are looking to, you know, push more and more of our product domestically around Australia as well.”

To listen: ABC


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I had no idea that Australia grew coffee – it’s outside of the coffee belt. Is it any good (in terms of taste quality)?

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