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Georgia Grocery Owner Wowed by Local Coffee Roaster

Savannah Roaster logoA Savannah, Ga.-based coffee roaster has made a big impression on a local grocery store proprietor, causing the former to use more and better coffee for drinking and cooking.

In a column published by the Savannah Morning News, Teri Bell said she was introduced to Savannah Coffee Roasters while participating in a local food tasting event. Bell, the co-owner of Miss Sophie’s Market Place, a specialty food retailer based in Pooler, Ga., said meeting the company’s head roasters and tasting their coffee has transformed her morning routine and caused her to see coffee in a different light. In the piece, Bell wrote:

Coffee isn’t just for drinking. The rich, complex flavors lend flavor and depth to many delicious foods. Everybody’s favorite dessert, Tiramasu, gets most of its flavor from the addition of espresso. The perfect union of chocolate and coffee in cakes and cookies makes the chocolate taste darker and richer.

The full story plus coffee recipes: Savannah Morning News


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Ramona Reinhardt

THANK YOU!!! I love reading all of your articles…very informative and allows me/us to keep a pulse on what’s going on right in our own backyards as well as abroad. I look forward to my daily coffee news!

Ramona Reinhardt

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