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Sivetz Coffee Closing Following Death of Pioneering Founder

example of a sivetz coffee roaster

A Sivetz Coffee Roaster

A Corvallis, Ore., coffee shop that has done most of its business selling custom roasting equipment to specialty coffee roasters is closing after 31 years following the death of its founder.

Michael Sivetz, who founded Sivetz Coffee in 1981, passed away in March after dealing with deteriorating health for the past several years, according to a recent Corvallis Gazette-Times report. Roman Baltram, Sivetz’ son-in-law, who’s been managing the shop with his wife for the past several years, told the paper that the coffee company will be closing in about a month.

While the company has functioned as a retail cafe since opening, Sivitz was considered a pioneer in coffee roasting equipment design, offering numerous sizes and styles of roasters from the warehouse behind the cafe to small roasters throughout the country.


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