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Coffee Roaster with Animal Rescue Mission Launches Fundraising Effort

A Rushville, Ill.-based coffee company with a mission to help fund animal rescues has launched a fundraising campaign to replace its “Frankenroaster,” a home-built coffee roaster.

Rescue Roasters is using Indiegogo, a crowd-funding service that allows companies to get grassroots support for their projects. Rescue Roasters custom roasts and supplies animal rescue groups with coffee to use in fundraising efforts. The rescue groups are able to keep the majority of the profits from all sales, putting those funds back into their animal rescue and care efforts.

“Rescue Roasters is a more than just a fundraiser. We’re creating a steady income stream for animal rescue groups,” says company founder Gregg Snyder, “Indiegogo is providing us with the opportunity to reach the masses who, like us, believe that Rescue Roasters will have a significant impact on animal rescue funding levels.”

Snyder says the “Frankenroaster” has worked well for startup purposes, but Rescue Roasters now requires a commercial roaster capable of producing higher volumes of coffee for animal rescue groups.


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