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Handsome Coffee Roasters Owner Reflects on First Few Months

handsome coffee roasters warehouse in LAThree months after opening a new roasting headquarters and coffee house in the downtown Los Angeles arts district, Handsome Coffee Roasters may have had some time for reflection.

“There are a lot of neighborhoods in town or in the country [where] we could have done this and it would have been a colossal flop,” Tyler Wells, one of the three owners of company, recently told Southern California Public Radio.

According to the report, the small roasting company still only has about 75 accounts, a little less than half of which are in California. But Wells told reporter Hayley Fox that the company has never been interested in appealing to the masses.

“We knew we’d never be everything to everybody, but we really want to be a really wonderful thing to a smaller group of people,” said Wells, who runs the company along with Michael Phillips and Chris Owens. “What we want to do is serve really exceptional coffee but do it in a way that sort of no one has really done before — and make it accessible.”

The full story: Southern California Public Radio



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