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Tim Horton’s Shows Off 75,000-Square-Foot Roasting Facility

Tim Hortons shows off coffee roasting plantCanada coffee giant Tim Horton’s recently gave the press a behind-the-scenes look at its 75,000-square-foot roasting and packaging plant, where coffee is roasted in 13,000-pound batches.

The facility opened in 2009 in Ancaster, Ontario, serving the company’s 3,300 retail locations throughout Canada.

Here’s the take of Hamilton Spectator reporter Meredith Macleod:

The first noticeable thing about the spotless plant is that it’s highly automated. Each pallet is marked with a bar code that indicates the country and grower of origin, along with a series of unique tracking numbers. It’s so sophisticated that the beans in a pouch at a store in Winnipeg can be traced back to the farms they came from.

Once a batch is sampled and determined to be good enough to be roasted, human hands never touch the beans, says plant manager Lyle Fleetham.

Naturally consistency is critical for a national chain that is pumping out 10,000 132-pound bags of coffee per week of its signature blend. Wrote Macleod:

There are four to six types of beans in the blend and company tasters work diligently to make sure the coffee tastes the same batch after batch and year after year and in every Tim Hortons in the chain.

Company officials do reveal that beans are used from Brazil, Guatemala, Colombia, Kenya, El Salvador and other South and Central American countries. Tim Hortons buys from different regions and different vendors to capture the taste profiles it wants in its blend.

The full story: Hamilton Spectator


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