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Maryland Coffee Roaster Convinces Town to Allow Farmer’s Market Sales

Arguing that the locality of his product is no different than that of baked bread, a Maryland coffee roaster has convinced his town’s governing board to allow him to sell roasted beans at the local farmer’s market.

After 45 minutes of deliberations, the Chestertown (Md.) Town Council gave coffee importer and roaster Tim O’Brien the go-ahead to sell his coffee at a booth manned by a local bakery, according to a Chestertown Spy report.

“It’s a craft, artisanal product, just like the bread,” O’Brien told the council, according to the Spy. “Their grain doesn’t come from a local county. Last year, I bought maple syrup from western Maryland at the farmer’s market. So, I was unclear of the process to appeal a decision.”

Farmers remain a battleground for many coffee roasters, as more purist markets may shut out all products that are not sourced locally.


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