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Bonlife Brings Roastery and Cafe to Tennessee City


photo courtesy of Bonlife

Bonlife Coffee, a new cafe with an on-site roasting operation, has opened in downtown Cleveland, Tenn. The business is being run by four brothers (the Moore brothers) who came to Cleveland after growing up and learning the joys of coffee overseas.

Youngest brother Robbie works with a 5Kg roaster named Ginger, and the brothers trade directly with farmers in Africa and the Central and South Americas, They are also working with farmers in Haiti to try to help redevelop the country’s farming industry.

In their company profile, the brothers discuss their shared philosophy on towing the line between coffee roasting science and art:


There is a mind boggling amount of scientific data out there about how to roast the perfect bean, while we certainly respect and utilize the latest roasting technology, we believe that automation can only take you so far, and in the end, what makes a coffee special is the people.


This is where most of our roasting time is spent. Developing a relationship with each unique coffee to determine what roast time and temperature it enjoys and then doing everything we can to bring out the best in every bean by diligently watching every moment of the roast process and hand adjusting time,


temperature, and air flow to ensure that every bean honors the farmer who grew and picked it ultimately delivering an unmatched coffee to you.

The company, located at 241 Inman St. in the Chattanooga suburb, says it is introducing brewing methods not yet available in the city.


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