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Brazil’s Coffee Harvest Ending Later than Normal

Harvesting of arabica coffee in Brazil will continue a month later than normal this year, after persistent June rains delayed the progress of the crop. Brazil remains the world’s largest arabica producer.

Cepea, a University of Sao Paolo research group, earlier this week told Bloomberg Businessweek that June rains also may have compromised the quality of some beans. Sources throughout Brazil’s coffee growing regions have said that dry weather in the past two weeks has brought the harvest back up to near normal levels.

“Players surveyed by Cepea expect fieldwork to continue until September, at least, delaying about a month in relation to the 2011 season,” Cepea’s Margarete Boteon said in a report obtained by Bloomberg. “From now on, players expect the harvesting to step up because of the drier weather.”

Approximately half of the crop in Minas Gerais and Sao Paolo, Brazil’s two largest growing regions, has been harvested this year. Beans that will be picked later in the season may be of lower quality because they were earlier knocked off plants by rains, Boteon told Bloomberg.


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