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Small Oregon Roaster Revives Business Through Crowd Funding

coffee roaster gets funding for new roaster

Indiegogo projects

A small-town Northwest Oregon coffee roaster has revived his small business by turning to crowd funding.

When Tim Davis, owner of Vernonia (Ore.) Coffee Roasters, found himself unable to continue operations due to a broken roaster, he looked to Kickstarter to help get funding, according to a Coast River Business Journal report. After his project was twice rejected for not meeting Kickstarter requirements, Davis then turned to Indiegogo, a Kickstarter-like mechanism that encourages small business owners with a passion to seek funding from interested backers.

Davis’ $4,900 funding goal was quickly met, then exceeded by nearly 20 percent. He has since purchased two small roasters in order to keep operations moving in the event that one of them requires repair. “It was humbling but it was exciting,” Davis told the Coast River Business Journal. “Whether or not the project was even funded, it’s been a lot of fun to see who steps up quickly and how supportive people are.”


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