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Atlanta and St. Louis Roasters Collaborate from 567 Miles Apart

batdorf collabrewationFollowing a trend in craft brewing, an Atlanta coffee roaster and a St. Louis coffee roaster have collaborated from 567 miles apart to release a Guatemalan blend.

Batdorf & Bronson (Atlanta) and Kaldi’s Coffee Roasting Company (St. Louis) are billing the collaboration as a first-of-its-kind “Collabrewation,” offering a blend of coffees from San Pedro and El Valle.

Batdorf & Bronson’s Jason Dominy recently explained the concept to Atlanta Magazine:

The idea of Collabrewation came from my love of the unity of craft beer brewers who, in taking on the giant commercial beer companies, band together releasing collaboration beers. As they do this, they give a unified charge against the giants, and don’t compete on price or gimmicks, but simply great beer. And as they work together, the craft beer industry benefits on the whole from the collaboration. Both brewers look great when a great collaboration beer is made, and craft beer wins.  And we can do this same thing for specialty coffee.

When asked by the magazine’s Wyatt Williams whether it was hard to collaborate with so much physical distance separating the roasters, Dominy replied, naturally, yes:

The logistics end was the most difficult part of this project, we sent coffees back and forth, tasting them and trying to pair them up with our coffees and coming up with a coffee combination that highlighted both coffees well, and told a story.

Following is a description of the blend from the roasters:

The fruity dark grape quality of the San Pedro is up front with a lingering sugary sweetness of El Valle shining on the finish. They complement each other well and the overall cup quality has a nice berry crisp flavor.

This joint endeavor features two Guatemalan coffees roasted separately, shipped between St. Louis and Atlanta, blended 50/50, then repackaged by both Kaldi’s and Batdorf & Bronson for purchase.

The coffees are Finca El Valle, a washed and sun dried bourbon from the Antigua region, and San Pedro La Laguna, a similarly processed blend bourbon, typica, caturra and catuai varieties from the Atitlan region of Guatemala.

Get your hands on this limited offering which is the first of its kind in the Specialty Coffee Industry.


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