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New Savannah Coffee CEO Plans to Open Downtown Storefront

savannah coffee roasters planning to open downtownAfter buying Savannah (Ga.) Coffee Roasters from semi-retired roast master Hayden Banks last December, new CEO Lori Collins plans to expand the company’s client roster and increase its retail profile by opening a downtown storefront.

The company currently operates its retail and wholesale roasting business from its roasting plant on the city’s northeast outskirts.

“Hayden had built this company on the strength of a quality product,” Collins recently told the Savannah Morning News. “All it lacked was marketing. And that’s my background.”

Banks told the paper that he had been approached by numerous prospective buyers of the coffee company in the three decades during which he ran it, finally settling on Collins. “Lori was different because she saw the same vision I saw for the coffee,” Banks told reporter Adam Van Brimmer. “She had vision and she had passion, and she was 100 percent savvy about coffee.”

The full story: Savannah Morning News


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