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iPhone App Connects Consumers to Third Wave Cafes and Roasters

coffee guru iphone app third waveA new iPhone app helps connect consumers to ‘third wave’ coffee houses, providing information such as which shops roast on-site or which serve coffee that comes from direct trade relationships.

Greg Cohen, a former wine industry professional, says he developed the app after finding other apps insufficient, as many merely draw from search engines. For his CoffeeGuru app, Cohen created a controlled list of some 3,000 U.S. coffee houses that have all been verified in person. Over a three-month research period, Cohen even contacted direct trade roasters to get lists of the coffee shops they supply.

“Currently there are more than 3,000 independent coffeehouses in the initial release and I’m already getting user submissions and adding about 10 or so additional coffeehouses a day,” says Cohen, who developed his own passion for high-end coffee after discovering La Colombe Torrefaction while living in Philadelphia. “That, I think, set me
on the path to quality ‘Third Wave’ coffee.”

The CoffeeGuru app, is currently available for $1.99 here.


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