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New Book Takes Readers To the Heart of Coffee Country

coffee book left coast roastAs if the Northwest United States needed more validation as a kind of coffee roasting Mecca, writer and editor Hanna Neuschwander has released a comprehensive and entertaining guide to the region’s top roasters, large and small.

Neuschwander spent six months traveling Washington, Oregon and Northern California interviewing and researching for her new book, Left Coast Roast: A Guide to the Best Coffee and Roasters from San Francisco to Seattle. What she ended up with is a historical guide to 55 companies — from dozens of small roasters to giants like Peet’s and Starbucks to Third Wave leaders like Stumptown and Blue Bottle — that is a must-read for the area’s more serious coffee consumers and coffee professionals alike.

Published by Timber Press, the book is currently available here, and a launch party is scheduled for tonight, Monday, Aug. 27, at Portland’s Spirit of 77.


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