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Seedling Program to Help Farmers in Tanzania’s Tarime Region

Tanzania coffee research seedlings

Tanzania coffee seedlings

A Tanzanian company plans to distribute some 100,000 seedlings of disease-resistant coffee varieties to hundreds of farmers in rural villages of the country’s Tarime District, Mara region.

The seedlings, are being distributed free of charge by ESSAB Tanzania to help farmers in suitable coffee-growing landsin Tarime  jump start coffee growing operations, according to a recent report by All Africa. ESSAB, a company that buys and dries coffee throughout that part of the country, is working with the Tanzania Coffee Research Institute (TaCRI) and Tarime District Council.

According to the All Africa report, ESSAB recently installed a multimillion dollar coffee drying and processing machine at its Muriba facility, and it hopes the combination of new varietals and improved processing will help allow Tarime to become a fully-washed, cash-generating arabica.


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