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Brazil Arabica Harvest Continues Later than Normal

Continued dry weather that began last month likely will mean a bumper arabica crop in Brazil as the harvest season continues into the second half of September. But according to numerous sources, the early-season rains that delayed the arabica harvest may also be resulting in lower-quality beans.

According to sources in a recent Bloomberg Businessweek report, the current season’s arabica harvest is 70 to upwards of 80 percent complete in Brazil’s largest growing regions, and harvesting will end late next month. A source from Cepea, a Sao Paulo-based research group, told Bloomberg that the higher total arabica production in 2012-13 combined with the diminished quality of many beans may result in premiums for high-quality Brazilian coffee.

“Players say that lower quality may be registered in a higher volume,” a Cepea source told Bloomberg. “This scenario creates expectations that high-quality beans might be more valued during the season.”


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