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Corporate Beverage Providers Should Work With Roasters, Expert Says

coffee cupping processA vending expert is urging corporate beverage and refreshment service providers to work with coffee roasters to host cuppings to further educate potential consumers about coffee quality.

In an editorial in response to an NPR story about one roastery’s coffee cupping process to reach consumers, vending industry expert Elliot Maras suggests the concept should also work on a business-to-business level, as coffee drinkers across the board are more concerned with quality. Writes Maras:

Operators should not dismiss this idea out of hand simply because it isn’t going to provide an immediate, hefty financial return. Coffee service operators should realize that consumers are more interested in coffee than ever, and many find it fun to learn about the different types of coffees and the different preparation methods.

Offering education like this also strengthens an operator’s reputation as a professional.


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