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Coffee May Reduce Pain During Computer Work, Study Shows

pain in the neckFiled under more good reasons to drink coffee, a small study in Norway suggests that coffee intake before computer work may reduce the incidence of minor pains in the neck shoulders, forearms and wrists.

Researchers Vegard Strøm, Cecilie Røe and Stein Knardahl observed 48 subjects with full-time desk jobs that involve computer work — 22 of them with existing chronic pain and 26 of them healthy and pain-free. The subjects were asked to perform 90 continuous minutes of work simulating computer work. Nineteen (40%) of the subjects had consumed coffee  on average one hour and 18 minutes before the start of the work, while the rest abstained from coffee drinking. Pain intensity in the shoulders and neck and forearms and wrists was rated on a visual analogue scale every 15 min throughout the work task.

The researchers noted that during the work task, the coffee consumers exhibited “significantly lower pain increase” than those who abstained from coffee.

Here’s an abstract of the study.


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