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Kansas City Roastery Suspends DC-3 Airliner Above its Headquarters

Kansas City Roasterie airplane

A Kansas City coffee company, Roasterie, has taken its branding efforts to new heights, elevating and suspending an actual DC-3 airplane above the roof of its headquarters. A team of 30 engineers helped erect the DC-3 airliner atop the Roasterie headquarters at 1204 W. 27th St. in Kansas City early this morning.

“Woohoo. Isn’t she beautiful?,” Danny O’Neill, who founded the Roasterie in 1993, told the Kansas City Star as the plane was going up. “It is symbolic of how we roast our coffee – air roasted – and it will be an icon. She looks so cute and chubby.”

The airplane is part of a $5 million facilities expansion and the largest piece of a rebranding effort — including the taglines “Air-Roasted coffee” and “Live Life to the Rim” — that began for the coffee roaster and retailer in 2010. The headquarters also features a DC-3 mural, the company has a “frequent flyer” rewards program, and its headquarters warehouse is referred to as the bean hangar.

A video with images of the plane installation, courtesy Fox 4 News Kansas City, is available here.


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