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Specialty Group Coffee Common Announces Dissolution

Coffee Common, a small specialty coffee organization that made its name hosting pop-up and other coffee events since forming last year, has decided to disband.

Sean Bonner, one of the seven chief members of the organization, which was represented by high-profile baristas and roaster, issued a farewell post on the group’s website, which read in part:

We wanted more discerning customers, and an industry more determined to serve them. We found ourselves saying the same thing, and thought it might be more powerful to say it together.

A year and a half and five events later we feel like we’ve moved some of these discussions from back rooms to the public square. We’ve fostered a safe place to ask questions, and have seen the impact of better informed customers. We challenged people to look at coffee a little differently and have been inspired by their reactions.

The Coffee Common team hosted five high profile coffee events in 2011 and 2012, and was working on building a brand known as Common. Read the full goodby here.


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