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Downtown Starbucks Opens Amid Fierce Opposition from Napa Group

Napa Valley Coffee Roasting Company downtown

Napa Valley Coffee Roasting Company

Rarely does the opening of a new Starbucks retail location elicit such ill will as it has in downtown Napa, Calif., where a group of residents have (unsuccessfully) rallied for more than a year to prevent the coffee giant from opening across the street from their beloved Napa Valley Coffee Roasting Company.

The independent coffee company has also played into the fray, developing a Slingshot roast, with a label that recalls David and Goliath as a coffee bean fights back against a green monster.

Unfortunately for them, the Starbucks opened last week, and the question of how that will effect NVCRC’s retail operations remains. Judging by the responses from some of the indie shop’s patrons gathered by the Napa Valley Register, the fight is only just beginning. Here’s a smattering of quotes from the Register:

“I’m a believer in free enterprise,” said Roasting Company regular Dennis Simpson, but he declared he won’t visit Starbucks. “You’re never going to be more than just a customer at Starbucks.” he said.

“I’m pissed,” Christie Sanford said about Starbucks opening. “I don’t like seeing all these ‘fake’ places take over downtown.”

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