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Philippines Demo Farm Readying for First Harvest

coffee seedlings arabica robusta

coffee seedlings

A demo coffee farm in the Philippines is readying for its first harvest after seedlings of various robusta and arabica varietals were planted two years ago.

According to sources in a Philippine Star report, the 4-acre farm, located 700 meters above sea level in the Benguet Province, has some 1,000 coffee plants in total — 246 robusta plants and 25 arabica plants are currently bearing fruit.

The demo farm is part of the Community Business and Technology Center (CBTC), an initiative of the Philippines’ Philex Mining Corporation, designed to benefit approximately 100 coffee farming families in the region. The results of the current harvest will contribute to continued research and development on the farm.

A mining company reprsentative company told the Star that the farm model could be expanded in the region if it proves the ability to produce enough quality coffee to become financially viable.


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