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Tech Startup Blossom Introduces $11,000 Coffee Maker

blossom one $11,000 coffee maker

A small group of young engineers with work experience at NASA, Apple, Tesla Motors and other high-end engineering companies have introduced an $11,000 coffee maker.

The Blossom One is actually the brainchild of president Jeremy Kuempel, who first developed his obsession with coffee while working towards a mechanical engineering degree at MIT. Kuempel and fellow angineer Matt Walliser made their company debut last month at Tech Crunch’s Disrupt Conference.

The glass and stainless steel unit is accented with mahogany, walnut, sapele, teak and zebrawood, and it features a range of features not commonly found on home or commercial machines. It goes so far as to include a 1.3 megapixel camera for QR code scanning for the Blossom app. Why does a coffee maker need a camera and code scanner? Here is Kuempel’s vision:

Coffee roasters can craft custom recipes on the Blossom One to achieve their ideal taste. They can then easily store those recipes in the cloud using the Blossom app, and print corresponding QR codes on their bags of coffee. They can update that recipe at any time, modify it as the beans age, and get analytics on when and how people drink their coffee. The end customer will need only to scan that code to brew the perfect cup and enjoy it exactly as the roaster intended.

The machine is designed to allow for control over six critical components in the coffee brewing process, those being: water temperature; amount of agitation; ratio of coffee to water; pressure; and time.

The company is current taking orders for a limited number of Spring 2013 deliveries.



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