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Mahlkönig to Debut Ventilated Variant of its K30 Grinder

Mahlkoenig ventilated grinder

The K30

German grinder manufacturer Mahlkönig is expected to debut a ventilated variant of its popular K30 grinder for commercial applications at the Internoga 2013 foodservice trade show in Hamburg next month.

Australia-based Global Coffee Review has more information on the product launch:

The benefits of the new models include increased performance and lower temperatures, the company said in a statement. Rear ventilation immediately above the motor cools the motor using air circulation and minimises heat transfer from the motor to the grinder casing. This means the temperature of the coffee being ground stays below 50°C, even during busy periods, which is beneficial for the flavour of the coffee.

The German company has also announced that existing K30 ES or Vario model grinders can be retrofitted for ventilation.

For more: Global Coffee Review


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